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Introductory readings

Per una introduzione generale alle Teoria delle Wavelets (cosa sono, a che cosa servono, in quali campi vengono impiegate, ecc.) si consiglia di consultare:
  • An Introduction to Wavelets, by Amara Graps
  • An Overview of Wavelet Based Multiresolution Analyses, by B. Jawerth and W. Sweldens
  • Wavelets, by R. A. DeVore and B. J. Lucier
  • Wavelets: What Next? , by W. Sweldens
  • Wavelets for kids - A tutorial introduction , by B. Vidakovic and P. Mueller

    More readings

  • Wavelet Sampling Techniques , by W. Sweldens and R. Piessens

    Papers Online

  • Wavelets Resources by Mathsoft
  • Wavelets in Statistics by The University of Bristol
  • A brief guide to wavelet sources - Documents by S. Baum

    Fonti Bibliografiche

  • Bibliographies on Wavelets by Alf-Christian Achilles
  • Bibliographies by S. Baum
  • Wim Sweldens' papers


  • Wavelab by David Donoho , Xiaoming Huo & Thomas P.-Y. Yu
  • Wavelet Software by S. Baum
  • Wavelet toolboxes for Matlab

    Siti dedicati alle Wavelets

  • Wavelet Netcare
  • Jacket's Wavelets
  • Amara's Wavelet Page
  • The Wavelet Digest
  • A brief guide to wavelet sources by S. Baum
  • Wavelets Internet Sources by A. Hul
  • Wavelet Sourcers by S. Baum