Marco Sandri
Published and unpublished papers

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Statistics and Mathematics

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Supplemental Materials

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To download the Mathematica code (ver.<5.2), click here.
To download the Mathematica code (ver. 7.0), click here.

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Statistics applied in Sports

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Statistics applied in medicine and health sciences

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Extracellular Matrix Features Discriminate Aggressive HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Patients Who Benefit from Trastuzumab Treatment.
Cells 2020, 9(2), 434    Abstract

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Real-Time Assessment Of Surgical Margin During Radical Prostatectomy: A Novel Approach With Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy For The Evaluation Of Peri-Prostatic Soft Tissues.
British Journal Of Urology (BJU), forthcoming    Abstract

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Effect of a liberal versus a restrictive pre-donation blood pressure policy on whole blood donor adverse reactions
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From Yanaral F, Ozgor F, Savun M, Agbas A, Akbulut F, Sarilar O

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